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  • Bluetooth For Drummers

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    AirTurn Introduces TAP with the Roland® BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad for Drummers and Percussionists


    The TAP BT-1 Triggers Wireless Page Turning and Other Events with a Bigger Target and Greater Fault Tolerance

    NEDERLAND, Colorado July 29, 2015AirTurn, a leading manufacturer of wireless, hands-free controllers for tablets and computers, announced the AirTurn TAP BT-1. The TAP BT-1 pairs AirTurn’s TAP Bluetooth wireless transceiver with the Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad for a reliable interface to tablets and computers for dozens of triggers. With a tap of the drumstick, drummers and other active percussionists can manage drum tabs, lyrics and set lists, queue a metronome, or start and stop backing tracks.

     The TAP BT-1 uses all the same features as AirTurn’s BT-106 Series transceiver which has a six button membrane switch. It can be detached and used as a multimode handheld remote control. Users also may purchase the TAP with two Roland BT-1 units for additional control.  The TAP BT-1 may be used with the iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and Bluetooth-equipped Mac and PC with over one hundred different applications.

     Key features of AirTurn’s TAP BT-1 include:

    • A compact and reliable single-trigger pad
    • A curved shape for mounting on a Roland V-Pad or acoustic drum
    • Quick and easy mounting through a drum tension rod; attachment parts for standard rod-type mounts
    • A unique internal design that eliminates false triggering while playing surrounding drums and/or pads
    • A great way to add electronic triggering to any acoustic kit or additional triggering to a V-Drums set
    • The BT-1 may also be used with a Roland V-Drums module or Roland SPD-series percussion pad to trigger sounds and control functions such as start/stop of backing songs and phrase loops, effects on/off, kit selection, tap tempo, and more. 

    “AirTurn’s TAP has always been easy to use,” said Lester Karplus, Director at AirTurn. “Now it is even more flexible and reliable with the addition of one or two of the compact Roland single-trigger pads. The pads are a bigger target for the musician and triggering is very accurate and precise. Drummers and percussionists will have zero interruption in their performances.  AirTurn assures a natural movement to trigger page turns or any other programmed event with a tap of a drumstick.  TAP gives drummers the freedom and flexibility to be creative while maintaining control of the resources they need for a great show.”

    The TAP BT-1 package includes:
    ·      TAP Bluetooth Transceiver
    ·      The choice of 1 or 2 Roland BT-1 Bar Triggers
    ·      Cables to attach the transceiver to the Trigger
    ·      USB charging cable
    ·      Hardware to attach BT-1 to most snare drum rims optional post
    ·      Manual

    Pricing and Availability

    The AirTurn TAP with one Roland BT-1 is currently available for $169.00 with a 1-year warranty. It is available now at the the AirTurn Store and very soon at resellers worldwide.  The AirTurn TAP with two Roland BT-1 units is also available at the AirTurn Store link and through resellers.  For photos, please see below.

    About AirTurn

    Founded in 2008 in Boulder, CO, AirTurn, Inc. (http://www.airturn.com) develops cutting edge tools to enhance the wireless human interface with tablets and computers. Musicians all over the world use AirTurn products to manage effects, back tracks, metronomes, and turn digital sheet music pages hands-free. The company's growing community of over 150 partner developers is creating innovative applications for AirTurn's wireless controllers like the AirTurn PED and AirTurn BT-106 family of products.  AirTurn has also developed a family of mounting systems for tablets so they may be used in hands-free in multiple applications.
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    AirTurn, Inc. is the owner of the following trademarks and/or service marks: AirTurn, AirTurn BT-106, AirTurn TAP,  AirTurn TAP BT-1, AirTurn PED. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.



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