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  • A New Quarter Pounder For Your 5 String J-Bass

    By HC News |

    Seymour Duncan Releases Quarter Pound For 5-String B-Bass
    The Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound is a powerful pickup designed to hit your amp hard with massive output for a fat, punchy, aggressive tone. It’s been popular with J-Bass and P-Bass players for decades, and Seymour Duncan has been building 5-string versions of the Quarter Pound in the Custom Shop for almost a decade. Now with the increasing popularity of 5-string P-Bass style instruments from a number of bass manufacturers, the time is right to bring the 5-String Quarter Pound for P-Bass out of the Custom Shop and into our regular pickup range.
    The Quarter Pound For 5-String P-Bass delivers the classic upper-midrange power and punchy attack of the original Quarter Pound P-Bass Pickup, with its large diameter Alnico 5 rod magnets and a high output coil wind, and it’s designed to retrofit into any Fender or equivalent 5-string P-Bass model thanks to the 6-pole/4-pole offset design.
    Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Quarter Pound for P-Bass uses Forbon flatwork and is vacuum wax potted for squeal free performance. Comes with black covers and 2-conductor hookup cable.

    More information here: www.SeymourDuncan.com




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