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Invaluable Items and Tools for the Gigging Musician


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Specifically... the amplified gigging musician.


The pockets on those gigbags and the storage compartments in those hardshell cases got to be used for something. So what? What are some things that nobody who plays out should leave without... even if it's just at a friends house or in an unfamiliar garage?


Allow me to start:



Don't play in an unfamiliar venue without one. :p

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gaffers tape. looks more professional than painters tape, holds better yet doesnt leave residue. can be used for emergency drum head repair too



allen wrench (for floyd rose bridges)

string cutter/winder

batteries (if needed)

spare power cords (IEC style)

long extension cords

at least 1 spare cable of every type (XLR, instrument, speaker, midi, etc)

zip ties (great for many things including hog tying unruly audiences)

business cards

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