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Hello guys.

My name is Gustavo, i'm a guitarrist as well from ARG.

I was looking for some reviews about this guitar trying to solve some doubts i'm having now with this lady that i received a month ago. I just have a little issue, but i'm not sure its actually an issue or a feature.


I just cant find a setup for middle and neck pickups positions. the sound i get is REALLY thick, so much it conflicts with some bass tones. It makes that lOose some definition. I've tried to lower the pups, with some success but not very remarks. Has this happens to anyone or i'm getting old and loosing my mood?


The next question i'd like to know your experiencie regarding the sustained sound of a particular string in a particular pup. Is the A string at the neck PUP. This string does not cut off.. its not hum, not like feedback, but when you play that particular string u can wait forever until it stops sounding. This is very,very annoying. I've tried to lower the pole piece but not success achieved. But the real problem is the lost of definition.


Is the middle and bass tonality a specific feature of 57? I guess so, but is it normal to conflict with base tonality??

I dont want my A string to sound forever, how can i do beside lowering the pup and the particular pole down?


I'll really apreciate your help and points of view about how to solve that.


Thanks a lot from ARG.


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