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mystery japanese les paul copy -- id, please?


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hi --


i'm a newbie here. i recently got this old japanese les paul copy thru ebay, and was wondering if anyone could please pass along any info about what make/model it is. a previous owner sanded the brand info off the headstock.


i'd be grateful for any help you could offer.


i did notice recently that the shape of the truss rod cover and headstock top is similar to one i saw on a 'matao' on ebay, if that helps. it also appears, from the sanding marks, as if the original logo might have been in some type of script writing.










i've only played strat-style guitars so far, and have been eager to try out a les paul.



thank you!


drew joseph

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here are a few more pics, for what they're worth. seems to be a solid body -- no ply. there's also a sticker in the pot cavity -- does that help at all?






here's a pic of the tuners as well.




as far as 'how it plays or sounds,' i'm such a novice that i can't really give any useful input in that area. it is definitely bassier than my strat. no comparison.

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