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Warmoth question and pickup question


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I went to Warmoth guitar parts because I want a new thinline pickguard. They make ones with gibson sized humbucker holes also which is a plus. But it said for warmoth thinline bodies ONLY. Is this true, do they not fit on regular factory fenders, because it was the exact same body style, and same style of pickguard. They had a good selection and they were just as cheap as ebay.


Also, what gibson sized pickups do you recommend to replace the wide range fender ones. I kind of want a lollar single coil in a humbucker casing to give it a more classic tele sound in the neck position, and I've also looked at the imperials for a possible bridge pickup replacement. What are your recommendations? I really like the 72 thinline, I just think it has so much more potential.


PS. Ive already ordered a 500k volume pot if that is your suggestion, and I plan on testing it with fender wide ranges before I decide to change pickups.

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