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So I have a Godin 5th Ave, the non pickup type. Love it!


I have seen the Kingpin ii and the kingpin single pickup(p90)


I mainly play rocking blues,classic rock, and some jazz

I got a ibanez (es-339 copy)and a strat.

I do love the sound of a p90


So I have been obessing about a new guitar. So I have been looking at the Godin kingpin

There is not much out there on the kingpin with distortion of overdrive. Obviously I don't want to play metal, but i would like to play Classic rock and rocking blues.

One guy said that I should even try because it will just feedback and be unbearable.

Who has experiences with the guitar with distortion.

I really like the cutaway kingpin with two pup(p90s) but I mainly play the neck pup on most my guitars, it just seems like a waster for me if the kingpin has one pickup but no cutaway, I will just have to suffer I suppose!


Just want opinions thanks

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