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Dear Guitar, Modifications might be in order.


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Hello everyone :wave:,


I have a few (4) electric guitars right now and in particular my favorite one is beginning to arouse trouble.


My RG3EXQM1 has a few tuning problems, a few frets have clean cuts in them directly where the string makes contact when Unbent, I dislike the look of the inlays and fretboard for good reason, and it seems to need some new hardware.


Foremost of these problems is obviously the frets and the tuning.

For the fretting problem I have to either get the guitar refreted or have the entire fretboard replaced (just so that I can kill 2 birds while I'm at it).

And as far as this tuning problem goes I might try out a new Bridge or a new set of tuners. Probably both in the end.


All of this sounds unnecessary, but this guitar holds a lot of meaning to me as I have used it for gigging with my last 2 bands for over the last 2 years and it is a very important part of my setup. Tonally it matches what I want it to do perfectly.


So what I wanted to know Is how much a refretting job would cost, and recommend me some quality hardware that would fit an Ibanez RG (strat styled bridge).

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