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Bunch of firsts...


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so I finally put down my usual guitar, got this thing in tune, (bought in drop C ) put some straplocks on it, it had these really smalll buttons,

and got it plugged in.


This is my First:

1.Jumbo fret axe. -all others are 80's style medium? frets.

2.Set of quality EMG's. -81/85 if I remember correctly.

3.Heavy strings. 12's? -wound G...?

4. drop tune- I now have it tuned down one whole step. usually play in standard.

Lots of fun! :rawk::rawk::rawk:

I got a g-flex recently and it has done more to get great metal tone with the Laney VH than anything else I've tried. :love:

It's like the love child of a Single Rec and a JCM. with a clean channel- I think? :lol:

that is all.

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