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Gretsch Historic Streamliner G3155


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Historics are pretty cool. The pickups are Dyna 2000s, which are similar to, but not quite the same as a regular Dyansonic pickup. They are slightly lower in output than the Dynasonics are. The only issue you might have with the Historics (being pre-FMIC guitars - they were last made in early 2003) is the electronics. Sometimes the electronics are a little cranky. But that's easy enough to fix. Also, they have thicker tops than the Gretsches made nowadays, so they may not have as much acoustic resonance to their tone. They are also semi-hollow, instead of being fully hollow. But, all-in-all, they're pretty cool guitars! :thu:


F.Y.I. - Fender doesn't own Gretsch. They are contracted by the Gretsch family (who owns the company), to handle the production and distribution details for Gretsch's guitars. Fred Gretsch III has final say in all Gretsch decisions.

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