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Just made a deal for my 1st PRS in almost 15 years


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I have been wanting P-90 guitar for sometime now but to be honest i was thinKing about a Epiphone Riveria or Fender..But i was on craigslist this morning and a friend posted a PRS se II Soapbar..I contacted him and offered him a Ibanez ART 300 that i actually got in a trade from him over a year ago..The Ibanez is a fantastic guitar and a great bang for your buck guitar that i do truly like for a lower priced guitar that gives far more value than it cost.But i just never really bonded with it..

So this morning when i saw the PRS Se II Soapbar .I thought why not offer it..I haven't played a PRS in almost 15 years and i do not know what to expect out of there SE model of PRS guitars but the reviews sound good and it will let me discover what is the deal with P-90's without spending a fortune..

IF anyone owns one of these Soapbars what do you think...I will post my opinion and pics when i get it home at 7:00 o'clock this evening..

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