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Dave Holland: Judas Priest/"Screaming for Vengeance" (Live, 1982)


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A great clip of Priest live in Memphis at the end of the SFV tour in Dec. 1982.

Dave Holland was Priest's fifth drummer (after John Hinch, Alan Moore, Simon Phillips, and Les Binks) and easily their most controversial. Many Priest fans hate his austere, stripped-down, relentless style, but I've always loved the work he did w/Priest between '80 and '84. He played Tama Drums and was one of the first major metal drummers to start using Paiste Rudes, which he used exclusively for the rest of his career.


In all of Holland's years with Priest, I believe he only used a ride cymbal on 3 tracks. He had pretty much perfect time, and Glenn Tipton has commented on his incredible consistency live and in the studio. He almost never made a mistake.


Priest at the height of their powers.





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