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Starting out solo.

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I have about a 2 hour set just about down. It's me playing guitar with numerous mellow backing tracks that I have either bought or recorded myself. I plan on playing thru a pa with the backing track. The music is original and some of the mellower stuff from vai and satriani. I have some questions that maybe someone can answer that is doing something similar.


A) how do I get started do I just ask restaurant owners and such

b) how much should I charge

c) which venue should I seek out.

d)can I make about 600 to 700 dollars a week doing it. I am in southern california so there are plenty of oppourtunities i think

e) do I need an agent or something? If so how do I get one?


Sorry to ask so many questions but would greatly appreciate any info you could give me. Thanks.

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It sounds like you are prepared.


a) Yes. One of my favorite pieces of advise lately is decide where you want to be and ask someone how to get there. Go to the restaurants you want to play in and talk to the managers about how they book their music. See what they tell you, and then do it. You may want to bring a demo kit with you in case they ask for it.


b)Again, you might ask the manager what they typically pay their bands. It would seem like you should start off low and work your way up, but don't sell yourself short.


c)any and all. Look in your local papers and make a list of all the venues you may be able to play at. Write down their phone number and address. The more options you have the more likely you are to get booked.


d)good question. I think it will depend on how resourceful and successful you are in getting gigs.


e)Look in the phone book for an agent. You may be able to hook up with a few agencies who provide music for events and make good money that way. You might also think about placing an ad in the phonebook yourself.


Again, as much as you have prepared your music for this endeavor, be sure to prepare your business. Put together a great demo kit, with a CD, bio, photo, song list, business cards, and whatever else you can think of. Did you play at a friend's b-day party? Have them write you a letter of recommendation. Get a pro headshot and run off a ton. As you get shows, put together a gig list. Make yourself a website. Another suggestion I have is to look at who has the good gigs you want. Go see them play. Contact them as if you wanted to hire them and see their demo kit. Model yourself after them, again, see my advise above.


Good luck,


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