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peter hook gear thread FAQ


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bassaussie suggested i do something for the FAQ on this...


so :)



older stuff (joy division)




basses: rickenbacker copy (Hondo II), yamaha rb 1200, shergold marathon 6-string bass


amp: hiwatt custom 100W amplifier/marshall bass head into vox foundation bass cabinet (two 18" goodmans 100 watt speakers)




alembic preamp and crown amcron dc300a amp into marshall bass cabinet (four 15"gauss 400W speakers)


newer stuff (current day new order)




basses: yamaha rb1200, shergold marathon 6-string bass, eccleshall custom semi acoustic bass with emg front pickup and yamaha precision in bridge position. yamaha active bass eq.


amp: 2x ampeg svt heads, 2x sansnamp psa-1, korg rack tuner, alesis quadraverb*,alesis 3630 compressor* into 2 2x15" cabs




*this is from the live dvd, so it's more of a guess.

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