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What am I supposed to do?


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Ok...so I'm an original member of the band Severance here in CT. We've been looking for a singer since the summer and can't seem to get anyone. We've been recording a few songs since November and they stilla ren't finished yet! We've got a few gigs lined up in the next month, but since we don't have a singer...most people aren't really going to dig instrumental metal (I don't think at least). I've been jamming with the drummer since we were in hig school...so I do have a bit of loyalty to them.


Problem is: They never tell me when we are practicing, and I think they (2 guitards & drummer) get together more often than I know. They never ask me anything about availibility for gigs...they bascailly tell me what the deal is. I am the last to know everything that is going on.


My wife keeps telling me to drop them and move on...in which case I'd like to join an established band of some sort...not neccesarliy a metal band. I'm thinking Jazz or Wedding.


I'm not sure if I should stick it out and see what happens, or if I should start looking for other options. What do you guys think?


If you're interested...here is the link to myspace. Take a listen...and imagine Bruce Dickensen or Tim Owens singing!!!


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