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schroeder 21012 & ampeg svt 6 pro update.


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after gathering my thoughts and having a weekend of loud gigging. i would have to say that i am very well pleased with this setup. the cab has very aggressive mids and even at extreme volumes it cut through. i recently played in a church that sat about 500peoplewith no pa support. the acoustics where very good in the place. as i listened in the back as other groups played, i had an ear to ear smile on my face. the cab really filled the room with warm lows and definable highs, the mids where kinda absent, but the notes where distinguishable and it felt real good.as i i was playing, i tried out different tones and it has a wide spectrum of tonality to it. the head will give me anything i want. noting that i left the cab on flat most of the nite and eq'ed on the bass. but it sounded really good. i wish i had more time to see how it sounds, but i would have to take it outside to find that out, and the pollen has been outrageous.i would like to try out other heads for the cab, but im not hurting. overall i would give the setup a 7 out of 10.

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