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Looking to learn a few new songs.


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I just added "Carry on my way word son" to my arsenal.

My mind is blank on more songs to learn suggestions please!

heh...I love that song.


I remember tryin out a keyboard player back in the day.

Noone in my band had ever played it since keyboardists were so rare, but we all were familiar enough with it to get through the whole song. (even with 3 part harmonies)

That was fun!

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Check out some Funkadelic:

Red Hot Mama

Alice in My Fantasies

Sexy Ways

I'll Stay

All off of their album, "Standing on the Verge of Getting it on."

Funk rock yo


Word :thu:


Anyone else?

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I might get flamed for this because it is difficult to speak about "whats best" in songs to learn to get better, but I honestly believe that the best time you could spend learning songs are those by James Jamerson. He laid the foundation for many modern techniques, and man, they are hard to play. If you can add those licks to your arsenal you can find the pocket and groove in any number of genres... reggae, motown (obviously), pop, funk, rock, even metal with the right sound. The licks are pretty universal.


I would recommend learning Heard it through the Grapevine (Gladys Knight and the Pips version), Darling Dear, Second that Emotion, Bernadette, Higher and Higher, Heatwave, and when you get really comfortable Aint No Mountain High Enough (the Gaye / Tarrel duet version, not the Supremes version).


These would take a ton of work, but it will be worth it. Its the foundation on which much later stuff is built. You'll be amazed at how good his bass licks sound across an incredible variety of music! If you can understand how he is structuring his lines on some of this stuff, and his rythem on some of the licks, you can settle in the groove on almost anything.

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