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MIA vs MIM Fender pots


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is there a difference in the controls of the MIA and MIM Fender? I think my MIM has 500k pots ...if you turn the volume knob right down (no volume) you only have to turn it up by a quarter turn (at most) for it to be at almost full volume ....if you think of it as a Clock Face, 1 minute past 12 has no volume, between 2 minutes past 12 and 2 o'clock is a huge increase and from there you can hardly notice any increase. Almost defeats the purpose. Does a 250k pot change this?


It's not critical, just ...could, or should be improved.


At least the Batrolini dual coils I put on are silent ....you can turn one p/up down a bit, half or completely and there is no noise..no annoying hum or buzz you get from the Fenders

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