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replacement pickups for short-scale basses


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help me compile a list for replacement pickps for short-scale basses.. they are very rare and very few, and i need to consider which ones to put to my hi-flyer bass.


so far:

schaller bassbuckers. apparently hard to find. different sound, with more muscle, like a "mini-musicman singray".

emg bass humbuckers. they sell these in stewmac. humbucker-sized, with 'blade polepieces'. i dont like the name emg. and they are very cheap (30 bucks a piece). in the univox.org site they recommend those actually, so perhaps they are better anyway than the originals.

epiphone eb-0 pickups. i compared these in a store with mine and the size and distance is the same. dimarzio makes the model one, that is a direct replacement and they arent that expensive.

darkstar pickups. these are expensive as hell (a bit less than 200 a piece) but they are supposed to be the best single-coil pickup for short-scale EVER. it

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Any pickup will fit a short scale bass just fine.

Now if you're talking about the small soapbar form, most brands have them. EMG, Bartolini, Rio Grande, Hofner and many others.

Artec has the widest choice I think.

What makes the selection difficult is the lack of standard size.

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thats pretty wide...

what francois...JA..is saying is the string doesnt know what electronic instrument is picking up the vibes...

if you have a rout which demands a certain shape you could be in trouble

but if you rout to suit a generic P..any P will fit

just get the ratios of scale length to pup to bridge sizes right

for the P its scale over 6 and for the jazz nearly the same for the neck and around scale over 14 for the bridge...

but for wider string spacings you may need to get a 5'er with bar coil pup design

barts are pretty good

what is the short scale bass maker


sorry, it was .680mm (big difference) :)



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