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Changing necks, bridges


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I just got an SX P from justinbass and it got me wondering about neck and bridge changes.


It has a thick P neck on it, which I really like and don't plan on changing, but I was curious: would an SX jazz neck fit perfectly on the body AND would a new bridge be required since the string separation seems a bit different? If I get another P in the future (which I plan on doing), I'd like to put a jazz neck on it.


I don't know too much about the construction of the bass, so here's a chance to learn a little bit. Thanks!

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I believe all of the SX basses have the same general neck profile. However, I've only had my hands on SX Ps so far. As for one neck being a perfect fit in another SX body, theoretically yes, but in my experience they require some finessing due to the finish running into the neck pocket and altering its dimensions slightly.


As for the bridges, both the SX Ps and SX Js use the same bridge. Even on Fenders that have difference nut widths between the P and J, the bridge spacing is identical. It makes it really easy to interchange parts.

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