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Stanley Clarke and George Duke played an hour outside of Seoul last night....


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. . .I didn't even hear about it until a half hour before the show started!!!


They were playing at a mid size jazz fest in Kangwondo province. I had heard about the fest and had seen some English language advertisements but no mention of Clarke or Duke...feel like an ass for missing out!!!




This has happened a few times. Seems that the artists that would most appeal to ex-pats are rarely mentioned in the English version of press releases and advertisements. Chick Corea, Government Mule, NOFX all came here in the last 6 mths and not a single foreigner I know knew about it until after the concert was over and they saw reviews for it in Korean...:( I have encouraged a 'for ex-pats' info website operator I know to make this a priority.


How many chances do you get to see a couple legends like that when you live way over here.....:cry:

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