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Need advice on noiseless pickups

Jack Q

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Hey everyone,


I bought a Fender p-bass about a year ago and love it. BUT, I've had a few problems with it being to noisy when I record. I usually plug my bass directly into my preamp and if I turn up the treble nob at all (say 2 or 3) I start to get thIS unbearable hiss/noise that really colors the sound of the clean, direct recorded bass I am trying to achive. I've had the bass "shielded" by a great local repair guy, and the noise was reduced significantly, BUT I still get noise and it ruins recordings. Some people have said it is my recording set-up that is causing the noise/hum, but when I plug my roommates $100 squire bass into my preamp, there is no noise at all--utter silence (and this is irritating).

I've got to the point where I want to change pick-ups, even through I like the way they sound. I use this bass almost exclusively for recording.

Right now there are Duncan Performer pickups installed.

What bass pickups would you guys suggest to install that would be noiseless and still have great quality sound? I would still like the bass to also sound good when playing though a live rig as well.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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I am not familiar with the Duncan Performer series, but the Precision pickup should already be noise-cancelling under all circumstances. Your issue suggests something is definately wrong with the pickup.


If you are looking for authentic P-bass tone, go with this:



If you are looking for more even output w/ extra growl, get this:



If you are looking for really high output with a scooped midrange, get this:



Either way, you will stay around $70, which isn't too bad IMO. Use the Squier in the meantime.

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