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Need a big cheap MP3/MP4 player? Zune for $99... spam, but a really good price


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I've posted music-related spam on here before (from other companies, I'm not selling the stuff) like the cheap IEM earbuds... many people here are probably familiar with Woot... there's a backdoor page for Woot for a 30 gig Microsoft Zune player. It's a "refurb" (there's a rumor that a lot of these are new, since they've got so many, but the Zune 2 is coming out and Microsoft needs to get rid of stock), but it has a full year warranty. For anyone looking for a good MP3/video player but doesn't want to drop the cash on an iPod, this is the next best thing. Has an FM tuner and can play divx/xvid files, and can wirelessly sync to your computer with the newest update that's coming out for it.




Oh, and there's a Woot-Off going on at their main site if anyone cares.

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