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Comparing Aguilar's On- and Outboard Preamps


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Are you talking a DB-680/659 type outboard pre (rackmount), or just the DB-924?


The 924 is an outboard version of their OBP-1. All of their on board preamps are 2 band boost only, 2 band boost/cut, or 3 band boost/cut. It really depends on what you want to do.


DB-680: No longer in production. It's a very nice rack mount tube pre.

DB-659: Similar in sound to the 680, but only 1U instead of two.

OBP-1: 2 band boost only onboard pre. Bass/treble.

OBP-2 / DB-924: 2 band boost/cut pre. Bass/treble. The OBP is onboard, the 924 is an outboard box

OBP-3: 3 band boost/cut onboard pre. Bass/Mid/Treble.


I'm pretty sure all of the onboard preamps are 18 volt, but can be wired as 9 volt with less headroom.


Check www.bestbassgear.com they explain them pretty well, and have all the combinations you can get.

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