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So I will admit, I am a relative newbie to buying online, and haven't had my ebay account long.


My question is this-I bought something last Sunday (December 9th) and it was to be sent first class mail from Atlanta (I am in North Florida). I understand that it is the holidays, but I would think that it should be here by now (today's mail has come and gone and nothing still) if they sent it out on Monday (like any reasonable person would).


Is it a bad time to start wondering where the hell the item is? I checked this guy's feedback and it is 99% positive, with a sprinking of "I ordered it three weeks ago and still haven't gotten it" negative feedback from barely a handful of buyers. I also email him twice already and haven't gotten a reply or so much as a "{censored} you" from the guy.


Wtf??? :(

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