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Audere anyone?


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I have a 3ZB three band in my LeCompte fretless bass, and I have grown to like it a lot, with one problem. Right now it doesn't work, but I think it may be a pickup wiring issue and not the module. At least I hope! Anyway, I find the tone centers better sorted out than my OBP-3 and Bart preamps the more I use it. The bass pot in particular has a higher center frequency, but is way less boomy than the OBP and not so oversensitive. It adds brawn, not boom and does it better than the other two. The high pot is more of a clarity control, as in turning it up makes a clearer tone without the harshness of other high control's. The OBP has a great high pot too though, and both seem better than the Bart. I just bought another Audere 3ZB for my current parts P/J project, and it should do well.


Also, the most cool thing about it is the Z mode. I'm not exactly sure what it really does, but I know it somehow alters the impedence of the pickups, and gives three different modes to play with. It's hard to describe the difference's, but it's a very cool feature and one I've really started to dig on the bass. They have a lot more configuration options too than either Bart or Aguilar, most anything you can dream up. For Jazz basses they are already wired up to the control plate, and just drop in. I would definitly recommend one, and can't wait to get my bass put together and hear this pre with the P/J's.:cool:

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