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YT: Mana- Oye Mi Amor


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Wel, in Mexico for many years there have been problems between(among) Mana and Caifanes, and the fanatics always are arguing, I personally prefer Caifanes, since Mana soldl their whole music and work to televisa and Mtv, the two are very good bands but always there are differences

If you are interested in knowing more about mana or caifanes, download these songs:


Mana :

Rayando el sol

en el muelle de san blas

Bendita tu luz

Clavado en un bar

Amar es combatir



Caifanes :



Sombras en tiempos perdidos




Nunca me voy a transformar en ti

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A ton of my students this last term were big Mana fans...

I just couldn't get into any of the songs I listened to...

And Mark, I can count about ten different references in that particular song...Primarily, it's like a cross between Men at Work and the Police.

......not that that's a bad thing.........

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