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OT: sound guy rant


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the guy who is doing sound for our musical is very frustrating to work with.

he was complaining about how one guitar amp was to boomy through the pa. he tried to eq it to sound better. it sounded ok, but not great. i looked at the mic, and the mic was pointing at the edge of the speaker. the other amp he didnt say anything about but the highs were piercing, and the mic was pointed at the center of the speaker. he thought the drums sounded great-- they sounded like {censored}.

the monitor feed keeps on cutting in and out. its probably one of the cables that run from the board to the monitors. but he is blaming it on the monitors themselves- 4 monitors cutting out all at the same time means that there is something wrong with the incoming signal, not the monitors. instead of testing cables, he just says, "you guys will just have to not go with monitors for now, we will fix it tomorrow." that would be fine, but he has said that for three days now.

there is a song where i band on a barrel instead of playing bass (which is fun, and it gives my fingers a break) because it fits the song and what the director is going for. he was whining about not having bass, and his wife, our music director, told me to play bass instead. which sucks, because there isnt even a bass part for the song.

he wanted us to turn on the amps for the monitors and plug them into their own circuit. great, except he had his homemade amp rack, and there were a bunch of cords running around behind the amps, and at the time we werent really sure what he wanted us to do. instead of coming to the rack to do his job, he had us fumble around with it until we figures out exactly what he wanted and where to plug everything in, which wasted time in the middle of rehearsal (and is something he should have done before rehearsal even started.)

he doesnt know his equipment, he doesnt know how to get good sounds from mics, and he is making musical decisions based on his own personal preference, not on what the score calls for, or what the director wants.


but i cant say anything because he is a "professional" sound guy (albeit a lazy and bad sound guy).





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