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Monday night wildness!


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Last night I went to see my friends band "The Rattlers" play at Martyr's here in Chicago. They're a great old school country swing band and get together whenever the lead singer is in town. Maybe once a year so it's always a thrill to see them.


Now, here's where it gets fun. Before their show, a radio station had a private function and featured The Pretenders. My friends band couldn't even get in early to set up because of this. Anyway, I was hoping to get a glimpse of Chrissy Hynde, maybe getting into her bus which was parked right outside as I'm a big Pretenders fan. So, I go up to the bar to order drinks and there's Chrissy! Sitting at the bar! I thought, how cool is this? She decided to hang around to hear the band.


I go back to our table and the band starts. About 4 or 5 songs in, Chrissy walks on stage and try's to sing in the same mic along with the lead singer but he pulls the mic away. She then leans in a little more and he turns his back to her and says "can I get some help here?". At this point a woman jumps up on stage to let him know it's Chrissy Hynde. He then looks at her and smiles as she walked over to the other mic and sang along.


Then, when the band took a break, Chrissy got back up along with Martin Chambers and the rest of her band, grabbed the instruments and played a few tunes. She even invited the peddle steel player along with the lead singer/fiddler back up to jam along.


During the next set Chrissy was right in front of the stage pulling people up to dance and having a great time. They stayed through the whole next set and then got on their bus and headed toward Milwaukee.


A wild night. I had to share.

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