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Do we have a veternarian on the board?


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:D Tanx guys! :wave:


Actually, we went to the vet anyhow. On her right eye, the lower inner eyelid's sticking up about half-way, and it's been that way since yesterday. It looked cleared up this morn, but at lunch it was back, and after work it was worse. So we went to the vet.


It's one of 3 things:

First, an inflammation of the nerve etc along the side of the face, pulling the eye inward

Second, inflammation of similar pathway, but caused by something more cerebral

Third, inflammation in the lower eye socket


Granted, those are my very simplified non-technical summaries of what she told me.


The first and last should be covered by the eyedrops they sent me home with. The middle one, no, and could be a harbinger of things to come.


She's a 14-yr-old collie/spaniel/shepard mix, with liver cancer, nuclear scleroses, and arthritis. She's got lots of energy, a great furry coat, an incredible appetite, and a lot of happiness being on this earth. The vet's diagnoses is not at all what I expected. I'm glad I went. Meanwhile, hopefully her eye will clear up in 1 to 2 weeks. If not, it's unfortunate. But it doesn't bother her, and the vet says she's compensating just fine.

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