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Deer suggestions please.


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We make alot of stuff out of venison - last week we had fajitas, this week a stir-fry... One can make a bunch of different types of stir fry, besides stew, chili, spaghetti, BBQ, etc... I like to use a crockpot quite a bit - they're easy to use, and difficult to screw up... For a nice batch of BBQ sandwiches, put some venison in a crockpot with a jug of BBQ sauce, some onions, black pepper, and a can of coke or pepsi - let that cook all day, and put it on some kaiser or onion rolls... That makes an easy meal that's cheap... Deer steaks cooked all day in Italian salad dressing in the crockpot can be pretty good, too... Marinated steaks cooked slowly on the grill are always nice, too...



Here's one I took a couple of seasons ago:






Last year I only took a 5 pointer, but only got out 3 times - atleast we ended up with some meat in the freezer, though...




- georgestrings

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