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Jaming in the LAX area anyone??


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Don't know if this is where to post. I live in Westchester, California, near the Los Angeles Int'l airport. I have been meesing with guitar "playing" for a few years, but am not good. I still take lessons here and there, but I love playing. I am 40 years old and if there is anyone in the area who would like to get together once in a while to "jam", that would be awesome, especially if you are also kinda of a beginer as well. Kinda like in High School were no one plays anything and then one guy says lets start a band, I will play guitar you drums...Anyway just for fun, maybe get better jaming together, learning songs, making own, for fun. I don't think of becoming famous, I have a day job, I just want to play with others. Anyway my music of chioce is Hard Rock, like Led Zep, but Pink Floyd is my favorite, Blk sabbath, etc.. you get the idea. Like new stuff like satriani and Chicken Foot. Also Blues is awesome. If you like same genres and like the idea and live in area then PM me?

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