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Felt bad for the club....


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We played the local VFW last night. They are in a bit of financial trouble, members are getting older with very few new members, so we do cut them a bit of a break ($425 instead of our usual $500).


Last night I'm sure that they lost money because there was nobody there. There was one table with 2 women about 10 people around the bar and 10-15 of our family and friends. I have to giv e 'em props, thay had us play the agreed upon times and paid us in full without any complaints. They also said they felt we were a good band. I felt bad that they lost money. With so few people it wasn't the most fun gig ever, but we did our best and gave it our all. :(


It had been raining/snowing in the area and it was COLD. There were also dances at 2 local Moose lodges. We think these are some of the reasons for no crowd.

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