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Partnering With Rooms Who 'GET IT'!

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We always post about the rooms, bars, nightclubs that are bad business owners, don't value entertainment, don't promote their own club. Now it's time to hear about one of the good guys! A nightclub that we worked and cultivated for more than a year. I wrote about this in a previous post (here) left a local room over a pay dispute, and walked up the road to their nearest competitor, We made a propsal to hire us as an occasional 'event' and it morphed into us headlining a regular Friday Night band night. We kicked off the night after Thanksgiving and weren't able to commit to a regular Friday night schedule until last month (had to wade through other bookings). So far everything they've promised on their end has come through, (although, at times we've had to really grease the wheels). At their expense they hired a videographer to film and produce a demo, a photographer to take pictures for promo purposes, and they've bought up radio advertising promoting the event. We agreed we wouldn't play another venue in the city. We're an exclusive (at great pay).


They cut this video demo for us:



Produced this artwork:




Again, if you have something valuable to offer to club owners you can find a willing partner if both are willing to take some risk for mutual gain. Over the years we have created as many successful long term venues for ourselves (as an exclusive or bars that eventually extend into a full band night) as regular clubs or agents who have called us up to put us in their roster. In fact, looking at the venues we've approached with an idea in mind or saw potential that other bands couldn't see, I tend to appreciate them a little more given the work involved.

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