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Fun gig last weekend.


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Wedding, played 5 sets. It was a blast. Provided some extras as pointed out in another thread. We let them play dinner music through our PA. The hall can be divided into thirds. So often 1/3 is sectioned off moveable wall) and they have the ceremony there.


They have a little podium with a powered speaker simple mixer kinda deal. The minister couldn't get it going so we got her wireless mic to work. It's a pretty piss poor kinda deal, but everyone is quiet so it manages.


After we set up and sound checked, I seen they had dragged the podium near the head table for speeches etc. I knew it wouldn't be enough so I set up a wireless mic for them to use instead. There wasn't even power nearby to fire up the thing.


Also, a band I've done sound for repeatedly was going to be there (immediate family) due to unforeseen circumstances, there were only 3 members there. They wanted to play the first 3 songs, so I set them up and did a quick soundcheck between the ceremony and the dinner.


They did great and the night went off without a hitch. We played from 9:30 - 2:45 and it was a blast. It was awesome that most of the people stayed until the end. We did everything from boom chick country to country a to classic rock. We even did a couple waltzes early on for all the "grow ups" to dance to.


One highlight was a couple of ladies, 78 & 84 that were up dancing, it was so cute.




Heard lots of great feedback and they were all talking about how much fun it was the next day.


Here's a little clip, this was third set, after midnight....


Our next gig, is oct 13, an Oktoberfest gig in the next town over. Hotels provided plus making $300 extra for bringing our rig this time. Last time the promoter provided sound, but it's less hassle for him if we do it all.


Then there's Halloween, NYE. We don't play out all the time, maybe 10 - 15 times a year so it's always fun. The pay is pretty good, we always deliver. We start with the typical 12 song sets but they are often extended due to requests. 4 - 5 sets definitely are the order of the day.


Good times!!!

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