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using a tablet for my guitar notes/chords etc.. any suggestions on clip?


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Hi guys
I have a couple people in my band who keep their notes/lyrics/etc... on their ipads just incase they need to look something up.

Well I have two nook colors with Cyanogenmod 7.2 and I just installed the songbook app and have started loading up my notes. We do a couple hundred songs (probably under 300 though ;-)) but sometimes its hard to remember something you havent done in forever so I figured this would be better than flipping through a huge book.

I have a couple of questions for those that do this however

1) do you have any glare issues?

2) whats the best mount you have seen?

3) have you used any of the blue tooth "page turners" out there?

Im the guitar player so Im usually off to the side so at private shows Im thinking I can keep the nook sitting on the sub to my side, but this wouldnt always be ideal (I might not be able to get too it/the speakers might be farther away blah blah") think I would be better off trying to get a mount that attached to a mic?
Do those look weird or lame?

What do you guys do?
ANything I havent thought of or considered?

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