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An update on my most recent musical endeavors.. and help me with a band name, HC!

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So.. as many of you know, I play in a fairly steadily booked local cover band, and I've been making moves to get a higher-end cover band together as well (current folks don't want to do the things that come with being a higher-end band, and I can respect that).


The current project is now over three years old (1/1/2010 the first date) and is booked most every Friday and Saturday through the year, with miscellaneous bookings on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. I'd like to be working more.. but we are busy, and that's awesome! Newest song adds were "Thrift Shop", "Cruise", and "Drink In My Hand", all of which are solid to awesome.


As far as the new project goes..... I've managed to have a drummer decide it isn't for him (the drummer from the current band I'm in; doesn't want to spend a lot of time learning new songs, and I don't really think he cares much for the setlist), and a female singer kinda flake out (she texted saying something came up for practice and has been way too slow to return calls and emails).

HOWEVER.. the bassist is still onboard, and it looks as though I may be working with some kids from a local band that just broke up when one of the members graduated. The three folks are 19-21, and all have talent, professionalism, and drive. Very stoked about the project's potential with the people it's looking like I'll have in place!

I do think I'm going to wait on the "four bands" idea, as I'd rather focus on the main band and perhaps the country project... it may be a bit too daunting of a task to try and put together all four bands at once.



Still need band name ideas, if anyone has them! My current list is almost laughably bad....

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