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Well, I tried.....

Yer Blues

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Some of you may recall I was getting together with another guy to do the acoustic duo thing with a great singer and guitarist.  For the setlist, I even went as far as putting a ton of modern country/party type music into it.... Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney, Jake Owens, Jason Aldean, Tio Cruz, Bruno Mars, etc.  He could really nail all the modern country stuff.   It was hard for someone who grew up coming from the other side... in the past all the cover bands I have been in have been primarily blues, classic rock, or jammed based. 

We worked up 50 or so songs... had the setlist down.... did a few backyard parties... the stuff went over great.  We agree we need to get it tighter with one last push..... then the other guy starts canceling practice... 1... 2.... 3.... and now eventually he says he can't do it right now at all, but is still interested in the future.

It's a bummer because I am not playing with a gigging band now, I didn't actually hate the material because it is so different than the original stuff I am playing now, and he gave me a lot of freedom with the guitar parts. 

Oh well.... one door opens, another closes.  :)




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