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S+D Acts Open Mic Thread (feeler)


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I want to see videos of people performing but I want to add a challenge aspect to it. I was thinking within the next few days of setting up a monthly open mic. I will make a list of ten popular songs and you film a video of yourself performing whichever one (or many) you want to share with the forum. The contribution must be one of the songs from the list.


This will help us learn new tunes and force practice as well. I will try and think up some rules and will post them in this thread, as well as use it as a feeler to see who is interested and who would contribute.


Songs would be ranging in styles and genres and there is no limit to what you do with them, as long as you perform solo or duo. Use BT's, midi, loopers, or just sit down in front of a cam.


I was thinking it can be posted in audio/video form but must be made specifically for the open mic. IE no posting videos from two years ago kind of thing. If my planning and your participation goes well we could have a different 10 songs every month. With the advances in cell phone mics/video there should be no reason why everyone here couldnt post something


Would you participate?

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