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some tubes i found.. good?

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I found some tubes my dad's friend gave me for my amps and such a while ago. I didn't really know anything about them then and now I think I they are supposidly good ones. I found two Rca 12ax7's... this pretty good? Should I try them in my quad preamp? I only have two (right now my quad has all EH 12ax7's in it) so what slots should I try them in?


I also found one I don't know what it is... It is a 6AU6 and the box its in has this on it:

One EA Electron Tube

JAN-1S5 Date PKD 8/60



On the bottom of the box says SIMILAR TO CV 784


Anyone know what this is? Also what is a 6AU6?


Lastly I found a Sylvania 5Y3GT... How good is this? Also it looks like a poweramp tube... is it? And what kind.



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Originally posted by jimfowler

um, if you don't want those rca's i'll buy them from you, provided they're NOS, not used.




Sorry... I actually want to try them to see how they are... Right now they are NOS though.


so anyone know what slots for what in the quad?

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