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SPAM : Fowler there is something for you

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I have some stuff I am trying to unload if anyone is interested.


First: ENGL 530 PRE. Sucker has been gigged a few times but is dead mint. $400 shipped lower 48


Also pictured Korg DTR-2 Rack Tuner. Display glass is a little cloudy and has some paint specs on it and misc. rack wear. Otherwise it works perfect. $75 Shipped lower 48 or B/O




Pedal Case. Kind of beat and carpeting is peeling in some places. Does the job though. $65 Shipped lower 48




And last for Mr. Fowler


EB 6166 Volume Pedal. Modded with 25K pot but will include original pot. The string recently came un-hooked and I do not have the patience to take this thing apart again. I don't use it anyway. $45 shipped lower 48



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Originally posted by jimfowler

well, edp #4 is arriving this week and i might just need another means of output volume control. i'll get back with you asap.



jeeezus h. christ on toast, fowler! *4* EDPs? :)


What the hell are you doing over there? Playing 4/4 over 11/8 over 17/8 over 9/4? Fripp is going to come over there and kick your ass if you don't watch it :)



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