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SOT: Recording Effects


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Hey guys - getting ready to go into the studio. I apologize ahead of time cause I'll be cross posting w HRI for a wide variety of answers and tips. Thanks ahead of time for your input.


Ok to give you some background, my band has a flate rate going into this recording situation which is really cool. All my musical life it's been conveyed to me - to whenever possible record your tone dry and add effects later. Does this still ring true today? I mean obviously for certain tones/sounds you have to record w the effect - I'm sure both ways will yield different reults. Maybe I should just experiment w both since I have the time? Reason I ask is I'm using a Switcblade 8b and in essence I can run my signal parallel very easily - so I'm wondering if adding effects after the fact really is an issue here. I've got the TC G Force, I've got the Mod Pro, The Echo Pro, and I've got an MXR Flanger, An ADA Flanger, an EH Small Clone RI, an old school EH Small Stone, an EH Bad Stone - tons of different takes on the same effect, although the Bad Stone and Small Stone currently aren't working for one reason or another *sigh* Any advice is greatly appreicated. Thank you again -


Rai //


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