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Midimate-Replifex question

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Hi, i'm redoing my rig, and have some trouble with midi control change. I bought a midimate in order to control on/off status of some replifex effects. Now the problem is that the replifex effects are divided in two configurations (example: the rotary effect is available only in the rotary configuration, not in the classic). If i set the midimate to control on/off of the rotary effect and i'm using a preset from the classic configuration (most of the time) the assigned button has no use. I saw that the rocktron all access takes care of this problem and allows double function (one in classic and one in rotary configuration). Can the midimate do something similar? My midi knowledge is a bit poor, so i'd like to have things clear before start programming all the rig and then have to correct all the work.

Thank you for the help!!

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