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Triaxis phat mod vs no phat mod?

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Hi all. I've been considering selling my XXX, 3 channel Dual Recto and GT-6 to go rack. I'm thinking I want a Triaxis/2:90 or Triaxis/VHT 2:90:2 setup with a G-Major. I really dig on the lead sounds in my XXX's Ultra channel (running e34ls) and the rhythm sounds of the Recto's orange/vintage channel. I'm needing more versatility and easier access between sounds...so that's lead me here.


Anywho...as I've been poking around the online used gear market, I'v discovered that the older Triaxis are often labled as "no phat mod". What is the mod exactly and are the newer ones coming with it stock? I have the impression it's purpose is to get more Recto thump...but I dunno.


Any clips of the Triaxis/2:90 or Triaxis/VHT 2:90:2 would be appreciated since I won't have the option to play one locally.



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