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DHP-33/IPS-33B & expression pedal question.

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Well... I've been looking @ getting eithe an DHP-33 or IPS-33B as a cheaper version of a harmonizer and whammy for my growing rack as I've heard that they're good for someone on a budget.

And luckily for me, I've noticed an IPS-33B on ebay.

However the question now is.... how easy is it to control the IPS-33b in terms of MIDI, and also in comparison to the DHP-33? Are they practically the same in terms of control... I mean, it was mentioned that the IPS' programs were a little harder to go into and change..... but what I'm looking for is flexibility in terms of midi control, and being someone who's never dealt with either of them would value any advice.



The 2nd part of the question is more curiosity than anything else. I've noticed that most people use volume pedals to plug into racks or effects to control certain parameters in real time.

My stupid question of the day is: How does that work?!!?? I mean.. its' a volume pedal, like, doesn't it send like, virtually no signal when the it's lowered?!?!? Just a thought that I've read about (that you can use volume pedals to control rack parameters) but never made sense of, unless you're saying that the pedal needs minor modification so it can do that.


The other part of that question is: What is a good volume pedal you can use well as an expression pedal? There so many around, and one I've heard over and over is the Ernie Ball volume pedal. Are they any good? I mean... they seem pretty big to be able to be controlled smoothly, you know?

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