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OT: 80's guitars

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Zebra stripe warlock


Dayglow pink warlock



My roomate said that they were straight out of the 80's and should come with spandex...


Personally, if I had a spare $2,100 I'd buy them both. :D

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I like that B.C. Rich guitars are available with a run-through neck. I like the cut-away section in the back because it's comfortable to rest against your leg while standing up, much like a V guitar. I like that it has horns around the cutaways so it can also be comfortably while sitting down (unlike a V guitar).


Those are three reasons why I enjoy that body style.

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Alvarez pros:

Very good fret work.

Neck is bigger than any Jackson, Ibanez, Carvin, or Charvel I've played. THis could be good or bad.

Tone of guitar is excellent, "bigger" than a poplar charvel.

Wiring is well-done.

Shape is awesome, front and back have every edge beveled.

Neck always stays straight.



Pickups suck, I always replace anyways, I put 3 pink dimarzios in. (HS-3's and a PAF Pro)

Tremolo is sub par compared to edge, lo pro edge, schaller, Original Floyds.

Worst strap buttons ever, but I always put straplocks on, so it doesn't matter.

Locking nut isn't as good as the above tremolos' sidekicks.

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