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Small or LARGE midi footcontroller????

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I'd like to know what midi pedals people prefer for controlling their racks and possibly amp switching.


I am leaning towards a very small footcontroller for primarily program changes. Something like the following:


1. Rocktron Xchange

2. Axcess MFC1

3. Tech 21 midimouse


My main reason is I would love to have a very tidy setup on the floor, with maybe one or two effects pedals, and the small footcontroller for my intellifex. I could get an axess switcher to control amp channels as well. Then I would have all the patches pre-set except maybe being able to kick in additional OD manually.


What are your thoughts? Any limitations? Am I missing something by not going to a bigger controller?

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i use the yamaha mfc-10


it's pretty compact with a built in expression pedal and the option to plug in four more.


sends all kinds of midi data on the switches - program chage, control change, note values, whatever you like (and on whatever channels you like)


pretty easy to set up too...and with 10 switches, you won't be "banking" up and down all the time.


also has something called a "function" switch, which is almost like switching to a whole other pedalboard. i use it to bring up a set of program change buttons for my D2's, which are on a completely different midi channel to all my other gear. no matter where i am on the "main" board - when i hit the function key, i get immediate access to 10 presets on the D2's - very cool.





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