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Vht 252

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Originally posted by nickdahl

Doesn't Class AB make the tubes last longer?




Running in class A is a constant Voltage/Current thru the tubes on the plate side of the current.They run Hotter Longer and have No "stand-By" function-thereby creating *LESS* tube life or longevity.The Upside is many people like the "sag" and sponginess or feel of class A amps.

The VHT 2/50/2 can run in both Class A and Class AB.

Like earlier mentioned from Steve the VHT Expert/User(I'll quote HIS Endorsement here) :let your ears decide which BEST utilises that Great Poweramp mode the VHT POWERAMPS produce for your applicatins.In ANY Mode the VHT Poweramps are the Best you CAN GET.

I Love My VHT Poweramps and they work fantastic for the tones I Need(besides being almost 12 years old and still running strong).

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