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H&k Access Preamp And Vs250 Power Amp For Sale Or Possible Trade!

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if you're looking, you're probably familiar with this setup. the access preamp is probably one of the best pieces of sleeper gear around...fantastic sounds and funtionality. and the matching EL84 based vs250 (50w per side) poweramp brings out the best in the access. this does it all, jazz, rock, metal, grind. just a fantastic preamp and poweramp. i hate to get rid of it, but i switched to a head and processor rig, and just don't use it anymore, and of course need some cash for more gear. i'll also include a SKB 6 space rack (a good one, not roto) all of the gear is is good shape, and i had a tech go over the poweramp and clean the pots and check the bias when i got it in april of 2004.


$1100.00 plus shipping from 46601 (i ship via dhl, which will invoice you directly for the shipping price about a month after delivery. they're fast, good, and inexpensive) US buyers only please.


i'm not interested in selling the access seperately at this time...if you want just the vs250, we can probably work something out.


i'm really looking for a parker fly classic or a digi 002 rack recording interface as a straight up trade, and if you're relatively near to south bend, in, would also consider a mesa recto (preferably traditional straight front/slant baffle) 4x12 as partial trade. other interesting trades could also be considered...brian moore, prs.


drop me a line at:





thanks for looking!!!

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