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noise gate question

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I'm looking to get a Boss NS-2 to finally get rid of the unwanted noise from the 5150 that I am using. I've used noise gates before (Hush Super C), but I like the design of the NS-2, especially after tracking down a proper setup on the HC reviews:


guitar-->-pedal input--->-pedal output to amp f/x return-->--amp f/x send to pedal return-->-pedal send to amp input


Now, I understand this perfectly (have to buy a couple more intrument cables though), but I need to also run my effects through the 5150's loop. I am using an Alesis Quadraverb Plus and a BBE 362 (hey, I like cheap gear), which are line level. So, my questions are:


1. How do I fit the Quad and BBE into the above signal routing, with the gate operating before the BBE and Quad?


2. If this is not possible, will the NS-2 cut off delays, high frequencies, etc.


3. Is the NS-2 send and return line or instrument level? Does it matter?


4. Is the old NS-50 rackmount a better option?...it appears to have similar features.


Thanks everybody.

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